Training Faith Formation Leaders

Faith Formation Leaders are qualified people of experience who continue to explore and assimilate knowledge and skills that provide ever increasing value to those they serve. I direct these groups in the exploration of always advancing knowledge about how to help people develop positive spiritual practices that produce happiness, joy, laughter and the enjoyment of life. Together we explore and share our experiences, knowledge and insights about the best of methods in a pastoral approach to helping others enrich their lives through, and with God's love of us.


1. The Art of Holy Listening

I teach how to enhance and develop listening skills that communicate care and strengthen relationships. Participants will learn the characteristics of both good and poor listening. I will teach and demonstrate the difference between active and reflective listening. Participants will receive tools that will improve and develop their ability to listen and communicate effectively.

2. Caring for the Caregiver: God's Strengthening Love for Caregivers

Learn the common language caregivers need to know to improve their complex situations. Talk to other family caregivers to discuss how to succeed in gaining God's strength. Initial development of skills in using the tools presented for improving the caregiver's situation.

3. Christian Guide to Manage Stress & Avoid Burnout

I teach the tools and methods to self-care and how to maintain and find a interior balance in one's work and ministry. Participants will learn how to identify the difference between stress and burnout and learn how to establish healthy boundaries to live life well and maintain emotional and spiritual stability. 

4. The Heart of the Catechist: The Sower went out to sow the Seed

Teachers of the faith must be the first to tend their souls. I will provide the skills and tools needed to nourish, care and maintain a healthy spirituality in and out of the classroom. We will consider and examine methods and techniques used to engage students and discuss best practices to create positive and lasting spiritual growth. 

5. The Role of the Laity in the Church Today

I teach and focus on the call and role of the laity in the church today with an emphasis on the laity's vocation and function in God's mission and plan for His church through scripture and church teaching.