Don't get locked out!

Today, I finally made my way to the adoration chapel to enjoy some quiet (cool air) and peaceful time before the Blessed Sacrament. When I got to the door I was shocked it was locked.

I was locked out!

Pope Francis tells us that the Christian life is an invitation; we can only become Christians if we are invited. It is a free invitation that comes from God....can't buy tickets at the door. We are invited freely, through the pure grace of God, through the Father's pure love. For it was Jesus who, by his blood, opened this possibility for us”.

In the parable of the great banquet (Luke 14:15-27) Jesus tells a story about a man who planned a great party for his friends, but each one had an excuse why they could not attend.  Not today, maybe tomorrow when I have more time I can come, please excuse me (quoted in my words). How many times have I driven by this same  chapel and thought, "I should stop in"? But, only to remind myself how busy I am and maybe I will tomorrow. 

Pope Francis continues;  “how beautiful it is to be invited to the banquet, how beautiful it is to share one's gifts with others, how beautiful it is to be with God” and to the contrary, what a pity it is “to vacillate between yes and no; to say yes, but to  content ourselves” with only remaining on the guest list". 

Jesus invites us everyday to a come and spend some time with him because 'time with God is time well spent'!