During the past 16 years I have served as High School Campus Minister, Pastoral Associate and Director of Ministries, and developed programs for groups and individuals. My experiences in varied ministries include, support groups, Pastoral Visits to the sick and homebound, counseling family caregivers, mentoring young adults and parents, being with those who simply need to be heard. I have created and delivered retreats and workshops for Children and Teens, Faith Formation Leaders, Family Groups, and retreatants who are learning how to expand and enhance their relationship with God and Friends.

The Services I provide:


Coaching Individuals

In my varied roles in the ministry of coaching individuals I have served hundreds of people who are seeking ways to be with God and appreciate God’s infinite love and acceptance of them. Their consistent needs are to have practical tools to use in refocusing on beliefs that inspire greater understanding of God’s intimate role in our lives, and practical skills development methods that continually increase their abilities in comfortably sharing life with God and God’s people.

Training Faith Formation Leaders

Faith Formation Leaders are qualified people of experience who continue to explore and assimilate knowledge and skills that provide ever increasing value to those they serve. I direct these groups in exploration of always advancing knowledge about how to help people develop positive spiritual practices that produce happiness, joy, laughter and the enjoyment of life. Together we explore and share our experiences, knowledge and insights about the best of methods in a pastoral and practical approach to helping others enrich their lives through, and with God’s love of us.



Coaching for Parents & Family Groups

Parents are the primary teachers of the faith and the value that faith contributes to the enjoyment of life. I direct parents in the development of their understanding and importance of the guidance all parents need to provide for their children. This understanding requires that they have a common language in the family and the awareness of positive family development tools and practices. We discuss the needs of parents and talk about how to develop the feelings of being a family living with values that contribute to all members as they are learning about how to succeed in living life well and share the love of life with others.

Retreats & Missions

The purpose of many retreats is to come away from the demands and fast paced activities of daily lives and learn to rest and care for one’s self. I teach the art and value of silence, and how to deepen one’s awareness of the presence of God that is innate in each of us. These are essential teachings of Christianity founded on the Paschal Mystery; the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We discuss the meaning of being a declared friend of Jesus and what that means to our daily communication with Him. Retreatants learn to create a healthy image of God and understand the meaning of including God in one’s daily life. We listen to stories or retreatants who have found peace and comfort in their ever developing relationships with God and God’s creation. And, equally importantly, they learn to be patient and use laughter as a calming and uplifting fun skill in living well.