As a spiritual life coach my goal is to help you recognize your God given worth and goodness and to discover your life's purpose in becoming all that God has created you to be. Through my own experiences, I have learned (and continue to learn)  to set realistic goals, keep a sense of humor  and not to take myself so seriously. Growth comes through change and change can be difficult. But, necessary if we desire to grow and gain new insight and wisdom into how we can be successful in living life well and loving others better. 



The family is the practice field before entering the real world of competition and life. The dynamics of the family and where we fall in the pecking order is an important part of who we are. In the family we learn how to love by being loved. To forgive by being forgiven and to pray by praying together. It is here we learn how to express ourselves, take correction, experience joy and learn to accept defeat. How well you assimilate these lessons into adulthood will determine how successful you will be at living life well and growing healthy spirituality. 


According to Thomas Keating, "The only way to fail at prayer is not to show up!" Prayer is not about perfection, rather it is an encounter and conversation between God and man. In order to get to know someone you need to spend time with them. Prayer takes us away from the busyness of our day and helps us focus on God and our need for His peace, comfort and direction. Prayer goes beyond words as we grow in our love for Him and we are not afraid of the silence between us. Prayer continues to be with us throughout the day in all that we do and say ... for everything we do this day in His Name is an act of prayer and love. 


Sharing Our Faith

Why is it so difficult to share our Faith? You do not need a degree, become a theologian, priest, pastor or deacon to share your faith. Sharing our faith is sharing the story of God's great love and mercy for us his children, and how this generous unconditional gift challenges the way we 'see' the world and others. The more we seek to know love and encounter God in our lives the easier it is to share our faith with others.  When we share our faith it is rejuvenated and we are spiritual refreshed and renewed. Good News is meant to be shared so don't be afraid to share your faith and allow God's grace do the rest.