Coaching Parents
& Family Groups

To support parents in their role as primary teachers of the faith through education, discussions and to provide the tools, support and guidance to be successful in sharing their faith at home and building healthy family bonds. Hire me to teach on the following topics:


1. Family Traditions and Rituals

I teach families how to engage in family traditions and rituals that will increase the success of building strong family bonds, help to shape a child’s identity and be successful in passing on the faith. Parents will receive tools, methods and techniques for engaging in family traditions and rituals which can be adapted to reflect their own ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

2. Family Faith Does Matter Workshops

I teach on current day topics that affect the well-being of the family providing tools, resources and information for families to exercise good decision making and resolve conflicts.

3. The Importance of Family Dinner

Explore new possibilities and life style changes to help support family dinnertime as a means to strengthen family bonds. 

4. Holy Ground: Encountering God in Daily Life

I will teach families to recognize God's presence in daily activities and how to use these opportunities to grow spiritually and teach the faith to their children. 

5. Martha and Mary: The Balancing Act

Discover the benefits of keeping a healthy balance; physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Learn the skills and tools to be successful at balancing the demands of family and work. 

6. Families Serving Others

I teach parents the benefits of creating and cultivating in their children a habit of service and care for others. Parents will receive tools to use in helping their children discover and develop their unique gifts and talents and how to exercise these gifts to benefit others.