Coaching Individuals

Here is what you can expect, if you choose to work with me one-on-one:


  • A safe and confidential space
  • Listening to your needs
  • Praying with you
  • Presenting prayer methods that enhance the success of your prayer life, strengthen your relationship with God and bring personal inner peace
  • Helping you discover and develop your greatest potential through recognizing your personal goodness and self-worth
  • Helping you discover and examine  the behaviors and thought patterns that prevent you from living life as well as you would like
  • Providing tools and methods to change negative thoughts and behaviors to enable your success in living life well
  • Helping you identity specific activities and feelings that may be causing stress and physical and emotional exhaustion
  • Helping you examine and identity personal assumptions and pre-conceived ideas that influence your relationship with family, friends and God
  • Helping you set realistic goals and objectives to control stress and avoid burnout
  • Helping you gain new insights into how to be successful in living life well with family, friends, neighbors and community.