Make my heart like yours....

Going to church each week was a joyful experience for my Irish Catholic Family. We learned to know love, and serve God. At bedtime each night my father taught us the many traditional prayers of the church. One simple prayer we said every night set a direction and purpose for my life; ‘Jesus meek and humble of heart make my heart like unto thine’.

However, as a young woman, my spiritual life was dormant and I lost interest in my faith. Although, I never wavered in my love and devotion to the Blessed Mother and turned to her frequently for guidance and comfort. However, it was the birth of my first child and the experience I went through that would wake me from my ‘spiritual slumber’!

Kevin and I were thrilled to become parents and the thought of being a mother filled me with great joy. Then, I began to suffer with a condition now recognized as postpartum depression. My joy quickly changed to waves of fear and panic.

During the first six months of our child's life, I struggled with panic attacks and guilt about the sadness that I just could not shake.

How could I be so sad when God had blessed me with such a healthy and beautiful daughter? I wondered.

During those dark days I turned to God for help. I promised that if He would get me through this challenge of sadness and panic, I would learn how to support and encourage others who found themselves struggling with life's many complex challenges. God answered my prayer. I then learned, practiced and experienced how to support and encourage those who struggle with the complex challenges that life brings to many of us. 

Many years have passed while I was gaining the education and professional experience to established and develop personal training and skills building workshop for Pastoral Care Ministers, as well as programs for those who want to live-life-well. My experiences include teaching at the Lay Formation Institute, Diocese of Camden, NJ, Presenter for Human Foundation of the Diocese of Trenton, NJ, and leader of Intercultural Competence training for Ministers. I am now a Retreat leader, Coach and Motivational Speaker specializing in helping leaders and individuals succeed by providing education, practical tools and processes, initial skills development and support while they achieve sustainable success in their journeys.

I have learned to walk with others while teaching, encouraging, comforting, and showing them how to recognize their God given worth and goodness. I have assimilated and also developed tools and methods of living healthy and peacefully in body, mind and spirit.

I have also learned to be aware of, and accept, the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit while helping others succeed in living well. 

The journey of deepening our relationship with Jesus continues throughout our lives, however, we do not journey alone! A primary purpose in my life is to bring to you the tools for living-life-well and coach you in your skills development as you continually succeed in becoming the 'best you, you can be' in your relationship with God, family, friends and community.

Let the journey begin..............!

Mary Neary,
Christian Life Coach